Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chrysanthenum Flowers

Chrysanthenum or ju (2) hua (1) is very common in mainland China. They come in different sizes and colors- yellow, white and purple. Pots of chrysanthenums are often used to brighten up a stage or the entrance of a building.

If you walk through the Chinese countryside, you may have the chance to pluck some of these flowers off the roadside.

Chrysanthenum tea
is made from small, dried flowers that belong to the same species. They have medicinal value and is believed to be cooling to the body. This is based on the yin and yang concept of health. The two elements in harmony means a state of excellent health. Since chrysanthenum tea has cooling properties, it will help to douse off some degree of body heat.

Brewing chrysanthenum tea is like brewing other types of tea. You buy these flowers at Chinese medicine halls or the tea section of a supermarket. Place a handful of the leaves in a pot, then pour hot, boiling water into it and let it brew for at least ten minutes. Then strain through a sieve. You may wish to add rock sugar or honey to the tea. Some people throw in a slice of old ginger. It tastes even better when chilled.

It has been said that as indoor plants, these flowers are good air purifiers.


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