Friday, January 4, 2008

What Next? (Post SPM Blues)

Sook Fun is temping as a kindergarten clerk while waiting for her S.P.M. results. What is primarily on her mind right now is "what's the next step?" She has two options : Whether to follow a pre-university course OR a diploma course.

Naturally, her parents are anxious too. They want their darling girl to make the right choice. Where would they go for counseling?

Today, it's easier to seek career guidance than it was in the sixties. In the sixties, career counselors were a rare breed. These days, however, there are just too many.

I advised the girl's mother to let the daughter choose a course that is of interest to her. Of course, other factors to take into account would be the cost, the marketability of the degree and whether the degree is recognized internationally, in case Sook Fun wishes to go abroad.

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