Sunday, January 27, 2008

String Quartet for the Spring Festival Celebration

Yesterday, I went to the Pavilion, my second visit to the newest shopping mall in the city. It’s all fluffed up for the Chinese New Year. The auspicious red color was on its grand stage, right at its entrance. The stage area is also known as the Pavilion Circle.

Gigantic peony decorations hang from its high ceilings. But the best treat was the performance by a string quartet of three ladies and a guy. The guy played the mandolin. The flute, guzheng, pipa and mandolin in the hands of these expert musicians produced the most haunting, nostalgic, melodious music that transported those familiar with such music to an era of the days of kings and princes, enjoying such music on their palace grounds or on a rocking boat.

I remember my Chinese girl friends in Beijing. Some of them signed up for art or guzheng classes, partly I suspect, because they knew of foreigners’ fascination with these subjects. Then I remember, too, my student, Cai Xu, who gave me a cassette on traditional music.

I tried to confirm if the quartet was imported from China, but I couldn’t get through those in charge at the Pavilion. I believe, they are. They are five star performers! Their renditions of Chinese New Year favorites as well as movie hits evoked such warm memories of my sojourn in China. Thanks! I wish you all, a wonderful year of success in your music career as well as in your health!!

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