Thursday, January 31, 2008


The pomelo is a round fruit that belongs to the grapefruit family. Actually, it is native to Malaysia and is grown in abundance in Menglembu, Perak. It is also a must item on Chinese New Year because of its round shape which signifies unity.

I remember some of my foreign colleagues who didn't know what it was for. But once initiated, they fell in love with the fruit.

The fruit has a thick skin which you can remove quite easily. Cut of the top and bottom layer of the fruit, like you would, a lemon. Then cut into the skin, segment by segment and peel it off. Inside is the fruit, which is in segments, like a mandarin orange. It's nice to eat the pomelo, just as it is but today, the pomelo is an ingredient found in salads as well as the raw fish salad, which Malaysian relish on the seventh day of Chinese New Year.

By the way, the skin has a very soothing fragrance and is used as a medicine. The skin can also be boiled and then used as a bath. It apparently takes away arthritic pains.

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