Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chinese Calligraphy for Chinese New Year

Another aspect of Chinese New Year celebration is festive wishes expressed in Chinese calligraphy – the art of Chinese writing using the Chinese brush and ink. A good hairbrush may be made up of horse hair.

The greetings are usually written usually on red paper, sprinkled with gold dust in the background and are pasted on front door posts. The red banners are supposed to frighten off evil spirits and to usher in good luck. Some Chinese businessmen would pay thousands of dollars for a well worded calligraphy by an equally well known calligrapher.

It is also the practice to present a framed calligraphy with words of best wishes to a business associate who has just opened a business.

Frequent characters for Chinese New Year include
Fu ( Luck)
Chun (Spring)
Shou (Longevity)

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