Friday, January 25, 2008

Bogus universities

Recently, the BBC uncovered a bogus university. It has already been in existence for six years and is still operating despite being "caught in the act." I've seen frequent advertisements of the university in local papers. It is based in the UK and has no lack of students from Third World countries. Sad to say, the scam university is run by a Malaysian.

Bogus universities are not uncommon, less detectable in cases of online and distance learning programs. A friend of mine who worked her butt out on her master's program was shocked to find out that her university is not recognized by the government.
My advice for those seeking higher education is to check out the background of the university before making a financial commitment.

The Public Service Department (Scholarship Section) has a list of foreign universities recognized by the government. MACEE has a similar list, I believe, of American institutions.

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