Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chinese Dumplings (Jiao (3) zi

Lately, Chinese products have come under severe attack for poor quality control. First, it was dolls, then, tooth paste and the latest -Chinese dumplings. It seems that some Japanese became ill after eating Chinese Jiao zi, that was probably prepared under unhygienic conditions.

I think China should buck up on its quality control instead of suspecting sabotage or foul play. Today's consumer demands the best in terms of safety and hygiene.

Jiao zi was never one of my favorites when I was in China although no less than three ladies had tried to teach me how to make them. I still preferred our local wonton and prawn dumplings.

However, in winter, when I was too lazy to cook, I learned to eat jiao zi which you can buy at the frozen section of any Parksons Supermarket in China. Actually there was one particular brand which was introduced to me by a local. It suited my taste. I can't remember the name of the brand, though.

Our local frozen food, however, in particular, dumplings, has much to catch up n terms of quality and taste.

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