Saturday, January 26, 2008

Little Taiwan

If you happen to drop by the Pavilion, the latest shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur, and need to fill up, let me recommend the Food Court. I think it is called the Food Republic. Located on Level 1, it has almost every kind of local fare. But I was drawn more towards the other Asian foodstalls. I blogged about the Korean pancake, which I had the first time I visited the Pavilion.

This time around, I opted for Little Taiwan. My obsession with Hokkien soap opera from Taiwan, particularly, the current one, entitled, the “The World’s Best Flavor, ” ( my loose interpretation) has a part to do with my choice. The series is about four families, all in the restaurant business and their interweaving relationships. You learn a lot about food, in general and the Japanese influence upon their culinary preparation and taste.

At any rate, I ordered the braised beef and rice and was not disappointed, considering the price – a little over RM10, with tax thrown in. The beef came in ample portions and the ‘po cai’ or salad was quite delectable – crunchy, sweet, sour, savory – some of the requirements of what a good dish should be by Taiwanese standard. Presentation wise, it loses out to Japanese or Korean food but it makes up for the authentic, village flavor.

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