Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cindy, the dog lover

Picture shows Cindy with her niece, Sook Yi, the family dog, Sally and Nicole

Apart from taking care of hubby and two growing boys, Cindy picks up stray dogs, nurtures them and finds foster homes for them. According to Cindy, both Sally and Nicole are sisters whose mother is the church dog. The latter has given birth to several litters. As always the female puppies get abandoned whilst the males have no problem getting adopted. It looks as if there is no end to sex discrimination as long as humans are involved.

Though Sally and Nicole are sisters, they are as different as day is to night. Sally is smoky brown from top to toe except for two white spots above the eyes and around the mouth. Even her eyes are brown. They blend so much into her face, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish the difference in the dark. Nicole, on the other hand, is snowy white and the tips of her ears meet each time you call her.

Apart from color, they are also different in character. Sally is more spirited and endearing. She jumps all over you, wagging her tail, licking you, begging to be patted. Nicole, on the other hand, tends to be timid and reserved. Her favorite place is under the sofa. I had a hard time choosing between the two. I was inclined towards Sally because of her high spiritedness but in the end, I chose Nicole because she looks like a mixed breed.

Cindy was sad to part with her.
“Say bye bye to mommy," she told Nicole as she bent down to kiss her. You’ve got a new mommy now,” she added.

Sally is available for adoption and after that Cindy will go look for other strays to take care of.


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