Sunday, December 23, 2007

Car thefts

I was chatting with my sister in law while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green when I heard a loud bang. I almost jumped out of my seat! A taxi had hit my bumper! I came out to inspect the car but didn't see the dent that was caused and so I let him off.

My sister in law then told me that she didn't leave the car because my engine was on and anyone could have made off with the car. The presence of passengers in the car would not deter such people.

Her warning was confirmed today when I heard a similar case where a man got out of to inspect his brand new car which had just been hit. While he was doing that, another car swerved in, and a man jumped out and drove off with his car and the man's wife was in the car! Fortunately for her, she had the presence of mind to jump out. When the car was finally recovered, the authorities found a long knife in it.

There are also cases of cars being hijacked right at one's doorstep as the driver is shutting the house gate. And ladies, don’t think for a moment, that just because of centralized locking you can have your handbag sitting on the front passenger seat. There have been cases of motorcyclists, breaking window glasses when the traffic lights are red and heading off with the driver’s handbag while all she can do is stare in shock. Many a window screen have been broken because the remote control for paying toll was sitting prettily on the dashboard. Ah, the pain to the heart and the pocket when that happens.

So be alert, drivers! Remember never to leave your car, unattended with the engine on. Anything can happen in a split second. And don't invite covetousness, either.

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