Friday, December 7, 2007

Bone Scan

Femur Bone Density (Pix 1) Spinal Bone Density (Pix 2)
Today, I went for a bone scan at the Nuclear Medicine Unit. It was a six month’s wait to get the scan. I was so afraid that I would forget about the appointment that I had it noted down in my cell phone as a reminder and had my alarm set two hours before the appointment. Getting there was not much of a problem but finding a parking bay was, especially since I had a car tailing me so closely all the way round the spiral route leading up several parking levels. I missed two empty spots since I couldn't backtrack with him breathing down on me.

One has to be off vitamins and calcium for at least three days before the scan. I went even further by not taking them a week before. You aren’t required to fast but you’re advised to come wearing clothes without zips or buttons. The instruction on the appointment letter was to wear T-shirt and track bottoms. The scan was to check for signs of osteoporosis due to a recurring weak knee cap and pain in the lumbar region.

You lie down on the bed with both your knees over a box and the overhead scan which uses a large camera travels over your spine. The radiographers watch the scan in the same room from the computer. The second scan x-rays your femur bone. The results are given to you almost immediately.

I was told that my calcium level was in good shape. If that’s the case, I wonder what’s the cause of my bone aches. Now I have to wait until February, next year to see the Medical side, a wait of eight months all together. And it all began with a case of severe ache! Wake up, University Hospital and revamp your system! There could be patients who have died waiting for an appointment!

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