Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Pavilion

Pix C.K. Tang, Pavilion
Last Saturday, I set out for Pavilion, one of the latest shopping malls, housing several upmarket stables in clothing and jewellery. It's just opposite Lot 10 and is built on the former Bukit Bintang Girl's School. I was told the school was relocated to Cheras. BBGS was one of the premier schools in the country but had to give way to "the Golden Triangle and development." Money talks, eh!

I had been offered a complimentary pass to the cinema or so I thought. Sad to say, I never got to see any movie because it turned out that the pass was meant for a show at the Pavilion, Genting Highlands. What a pity! I would have loved to see The Warlords starring, Andy Lau, Jet Li and the handsome Japanese actor.

My sister in law and myself went up to the Food Court on the fourth level where she had Ipoh noodles. I ordered a Korean pancake. Korean food in China beats those here anytime, anywhere. In Guangzhou, the Korean pancake is made wholly from potato. It is crisp and absolutely divine. Here, I give a five out of ten points.

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