Friday, December 21, 2007

Masters and Ph. D Writers for Hire

The New Straits Times has an interesting article today on how “hundreds of masters and PhD students are getting "professional thesis writers" to pen their theses. This seems to be a growing trend in many countries. Not only is the practice unethical but prone to potential danger. Imagine being on the operating table of a surgeon who “bought” his degree in this manner or hiring a lawyer with poor legal foundation or having a professor who is only a lesson ahead of his students. Unfortunately, the culprits get away with it.

A doctor who buys his degree can play safe by working as a medical practitioner who dispenses medicine for coughs and aches and pains. Likewise, the lawyer who gets someone to write his theses can work safely just rubber stamping standardized sales and purchase agreements. The professor with poor research skills would be like the blind leading the blind.

The examination authorities should come down hard on such practices. The busyness of the candidate should be no excuse. The university's reputation is at stake here and especially since we want to make our country a regional educational hub.
Make sure all theses pass Copycat/copy scape tests. Apart from the thesis, marks should be evenly distributed on ongoing course work, class participation and not just the thesis.

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