Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Speech and Drama Programs

I have a brochure at hand advertising speech and drama courses by a private educational center. Speech and drama are very effective methods in improving oral English. When I was in China, English speech competitions were highly regarded and encouraged. One of my students, whom I helped coached, emerged as the provincial champion. It was no small feat! She went through different levels - class, college, inter-college, provincial and then national level to win the title. The national level was sponsored by the British Council at that time. I'm not sure if the British Council is still sponsoring the program.

Drama too is another way to help students lose their inhibitions and fear of speaking English. Many foreigners complain that Chinese students are non participative. The ones I had in a college were such a blessing! They were enthusiastic and serious about learning English. I got them to make dramas out of news items and songs! Boy! Sometimes, they surprised me with their vivid creativity and imagination.

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Chinese Speech and Drama said...

I have to agree with every points you made. That is also why i send my kids to chinese speech and drama considering how important chinese is now and in the future.

Great post!