Friday, November 30, 2007

KLCC Twin Towers

Last week, I scored another first, despite my physical ailments. I went up the sky bridge on the 42nd floor of the KLCC Twin Towers. The escalator moves at one second per floor, so it took less than a minute to reach the skybridge. Talk about modern technology. You get a panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur’s high rise buildings but the most beautiful views were the bird’s eye view of the various sections of the park below.

I wrote an article about KLCC when it was still new. I was freelancing at that time. I wonder if it ever was published? Sometimes, you do a write up, interview people but the article doesn’t see the print. It can be pretty embarrassing and can cause misunderstandings. It is something beyond the control of the writer. I hope readers understand. It’s the editor that calls the shot.

Anyway, my Xuzhou students tell me that someone from Xuzhou was involved in the designing or architectural aspect of the complex. They are very proud of him.

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