Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Adobe Photoshop Workshop 2007

Sorry, only tea and coffee provided. I don't blame the organizers. I was told there was an audience of close to 4,000. The majority were those in their twenties and early thirties.I found myself lost in the sea of Photoshop's terminology. Did I hear cloze or clone, stack or stuck, opacity or capacity? Whatever it was, fiery Filipina, Marianne sent us reeling with her power knowledge. She even put herself on the chopping board using a picture of herself at her worst and appying the magic of Photoshop to correct the fierce, red blotches on her cheeks. I salute you, Marianne. That was such an effective teaching method. That image will be embedded in my mind for some time.

Christine went on to further prove the limits of Photoshop. Baby fat, unwanted moles, disappearing acts- phew!!! With the click of the mouse using lighting effects, filter, mask -tools in the program, a village girl can be transformed into Miss Malaysia! Now, I understand why some videos are not admissable as court evidence.

The last speaker, a French Australian took Photoshop to the zenith, showing how it can be used by professionals like doctors and architects. It was a long day. Many waited for the lucky draw. The winners were over the moon. The prizes included CS 3, CS3 Extended worth RM4000 or more. There were free courses as well. Unfortunately for me, I have to contend with my now 26 days left of my free download of Photoshop Element 6.

By the way, don't forget your name card for the next workshop. It is used as part of the draw. I took a picture of the event with my Nokia cellphone and took the opportunity to use Photoshop Element 6 to lighten the dark areas, using Enhance >Adjust Lighting.

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beyond said...

Harlo Lina! ahahaha
Nice writeup!

Aronil said...

Hello there Lena,

Thanks for the comment on my blog and are you a teacher? I took the Ielts quite some time back... but if i were to ever further study i may have to take it again... aiks.

Keep up the blogging!