Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A dog is man's best friend

A dog is man's best friend. As far as I can remember, there was always a dog in the house. My dad loved dogs. He once brought in a stray, pregnant dog, gave it an old blanket and a corner in the back portion of the house. When Blackie delivered a litter of puppies, he provided confinement food in the form of ginger chicken.

It was no wonder, the dog remained faithful to him. One time, my father was so ill, he had to remain in bed for several days. We, his children thought nothing of his illness. We were our usual selves, playing,laughing or fighting. Not Blackie. She stayed under his bed and refused any food until Dad recovered. Blackie, Buddy and Sunny were never toilet trained. Yet, they somehow knew where to go when nature called. I suppose, a kampong atmosphere with plenty of wide open space helps.

Dogs in housing estates, however, are different.They are confined within the four corners of the lot and have to depend on owners to take them out for runs and to do their business. The sad thing is that some dog owners, allow their dogs to do business along the road, in front of other people's houses AND they do not bathe their dogs. Can you imagine how intolerable it is to have to suffer the stench of dog shit each time there's a breeze?

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