Thursday, November 22, 2007

Diet and Cancer

The link between what we eat and cancer has been proven repeatedly by scientists. The message issued by the American Cancer Society is loud and clear – eat more fruits and greens and less red meat and carbohydrates. The information is not new but serves as a good reminder. The first few days of adjusting to such a diet would be critical. One challenge would be how to deal with the inevitable hunger pangs. Learn to nibble on an apple, a carrot, cucumber, banana or anything that can be eaten raw. Take soya bean curd or soya bean water. Have a handful of almond nuts which are good for the heart.

Exercise regularly. When we sweat out, we actually cleanse our internal system by releasing toxic and excess salt. Lift weights while watching your favorite TV program. Lifting weights make one’s muscles lean and reduces the risk of falls which are fatal if one is suffering from osteoporosis.

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