Friday, November 9, 2007

My beloved is to me a cluster of henna blooms...Song of Solomon 1:14a

I met a young a web administrator at the Adobe Photoshop Workshop 2007. She commented that I could pass off as a Malay or Chinese. I suppose it’s because I wear a scarf. I wear it not for vanity sake but to cover my flaming, henna dyed hair. I hate the color but between grey hair and red, I’d rather opt for the latter. I can’t use commercial dye because of a sensitive scalp.

It is interesting that henna is mentioned in the Bible in the Song of Solomon 1:14:

My beloved is to me a cluster of henna blooms
In the vineyards of En Gedi (New KJV)

According to Biblical scholars, the henna shrub was planted in vineyards to prevent soil erosion and to protect the grape vines from attacks of wild animals. The reference here has romantic connotations. We are talking about Biblical society two thousand years ago.

Henna in our century is still used in the context of romance. Indian women use henna for a variety of purposes that smack of religious as well as aesthetic connotations. The high fashion world has adopted henna as a hair dye as well as a body tattoo dye. The Malay bride-to be –dips her fingers in henna – a beautification ritual.

The inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible has been proven beyond doubt, in history, archeology, culture etc. This is another example that proves the Book of Life is indeed as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago.

The picture has been edited from Haslina Henna Mashoor Dawakhana Package.

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