Sunday, July 13, 2008

Time is the essence in IELTS

In order to do well in IELTS, one important thing candidates should know and practise is - time management. Time is your enemy during this test and you have to keep watching the clock to see that you not caught with an incomplete test paper when the time is up.

There is no time to ponder especially in the Listening Test since the tape is played ONLY ONCE. Just make a guess if you are not sure since you will not be penalized for a wrong answer. Many a candidate had scored badly because they did not watch the time and were unable to complete all the questions. You can only re-think your answers after you have transfered the answers from the listening script to the answer script, if you have time to spare, that is.

Knowing this to be a very real problem, some test centers have placed giant sized clocks in all four corners, literally to remind students to keep tab of the time.

Watching the time applies to the other three segments as well -the reading, writing and speaking but take note that time for transfer of answers is only given for the Listening section.

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