Friday, July 13, 2007

College should be fun!!!

It is so sad to find students coming to college, unprepared for the skills of college reading. Life must be one uphill trudge. Think of the reading assignments! And having to do it, word for word, looking up the meanings of words that should have been part of their vocabulary in school. I feel sorry for them. Many drop out unable to cope with such curriculum demands.

How do we conduct remedial work in the midst of lesson preparation, grading and administrative work? No wonder teachers are washed out by the end of the day. No wonder they are compared to the flickering candle that blows out by the slightest waft of the breeze.

For weak students, the college would have to prepare remedial courses to teach the skills of reading and writing and assign supervisors to monitor assignment in stages until the students can handle complete assignments on their own. Students shouldn’t have to go through such misery if their teachers had taught them the skills of reading while in school. College out to be fun!!!

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Freshman said...

I agree that college should be fun. Lots of folks do, but others have mixed feelings. I found a bunch of wild opinions on the subject as What's yours?