Monday, June 11, 2007

Reading and Writing Strategies

Contrary to popular belief, reading is not a passive activity. We bring our background knowledge into our reading. For example, when we read about badminton, immediately we associate it with various competitions such as the Thomas Cup, the All England Championship or the Sudirman Cup. We think of singles and doubles, badminton court, shuttlecocks, rackets and the three countries that predominate in this game –China, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Likewise, when we read about bird flu, (Avian Influenza) the virus that is transmitted from fowls to humans, instantly, we think of mass culling of fowls, its economic effects on poultry farmers and the Kentucky Fried Chicken industry as well inoculations and vets.

If we make a habit of reading using the above methods, the text in question becomes more interesting. And we can go one step further by responding to the text with our written thoughts. Reading strategies are important not just in IELTS but in college where we really need to know how to deal with heavy reading assignments.

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